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Kelly Anderson Anderson, Kelly
kanderson@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Jolene Armstrong Armstrong, Jolene
jarmstrong@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Jolene Armstrong Armstrong, Jolene
jarmstrong@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Sylvia Bagby Bagby, Sylvia
2nd Grade Teacher
sbagby@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Gena Ballard Ballard, Gena
3rd Grade Teacher
gballard@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Brittany Bennett Bennett, Brittany
bbennett@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Kelly Berry Berry, Kelly
kberry@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Linda Berryhill Berryhill, Linda
Library Assistant
Dunbar Intermediate School
Linda Berryhill Berryhill, Linda
Assistant Librarian
lberryhill@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Scott Bevan Bevan, Scott
Certified Science & Special Education Mentor
scbevan@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Nancy Bond Bond, Nancy
Reading Interventionist
nbond@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Leanne Boone Boone, Leanne
6th Grade Math
lboone@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Chance Brown Brown, Chance
cbrown@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Debi Brown Brown, Debi
Career Tech
debrown@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Lucky Burney Burney, Lucky
lburney@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Diana Burton Burton, Diana
Special Education
dburton@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Dee Dee  Burwell Burwell, Dee Dee
dburwell@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Sharon Buzzard Buzzard, Sharon
Speech Therapist
sbuzzard@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Paula Byars Byars, Paula
1st Grade Teacher
pbyars@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Gary Calip
Calip, Gary
Atlernative Education Principal
gcalip@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Gary Calip Calip, Gary
Discipline Office
gcalip@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Karen Calvert Calvert, Karen
Pre-K Teacher
kcalvert@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Ingrid Cline Cline, Ingrid
Child Nutrition Assistant
icline@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Ingrid Cline Cline, Ingrid
CN Assistant
icline@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Justin Cline Cline, Justin
English Department
jcline@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Diane Colbert Colbert, Diane
JR High Athletic Secretary
dcolbert@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Diane Colbert Colbert, Diane
Athletic Director's/Counselor's Secretary
dcolbert@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Kevin Copeland Copeland, Kevin
Maintenance Supervisor
kcopeland@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
LuVona Copeland Copeland, LuVona
ACE HS Principal
lcopeland@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Gaitha Crews Crews, Gaitha
Indian Education/Vocal Music
gcrews@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Michael Crosby Crosby, Michael
World History and US History teacher
mlcrosby@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Holly Dagley Dagley, Holly
hdagley@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Kandi Dean Dean, Kandi
7th grade Science / STEM
kdean@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Dawn  DeBock DeBock, Dawn
4th Grade Teacher
ddebock@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Donnie Delonia Delonia, Donnie
ddelonia@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Paula Delso Delso, Paula
pdelso@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Dayla Dooley Dooley, Dayla
English Department
dadooley@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Renee Dove
Dove, Renee
rdove@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Sharon Downing Downing, Sharon
Reading/Math Intervention
sdowning@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Johnny Dreyer Dreyer, Johnny
Special Education - Math
jdreyer@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
David Dunlap Dunlap, David
Certified Social Studies Mento
ddunlap@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Kerri Evans Evans, Kerri
Online Virtual Lab
kevans@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Dawn Ezell Ezell, Dawn
2nd Grade
dezell@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Brad Ferguson Ferguson, Brad
Activities/Athletic Director
bferguson@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Mary Franklin Franklin, Mary
1st Grade Teacher
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Bethany Gallagher Gallagher, Bethany
bgallagher@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Tera Gallup Gallup, Tera
tgallup@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Debbie Gardenhire Gardenhire, Debbie
Business Manager/ District Treasurer
dgardenhire@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
Vivian Garner Garner, Vivian
6th Grade Reading Teacher
vgarner@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Shelley Graham Graham, Shelley
sgraham@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
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