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Debbie Hale Hale, Debbie
Teacher Assistant
Teacher AssistantOkmulgee Primary Schools
Sandra Hale Hale, Sandra
shale@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Donna Hammon Hammon, Donna
dhammon@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Sarah Hannon Hannon, Sarah
Kindergarten Teacher
shannon@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
LaSonya Hanson Hanson, LaSonya
Computer Lab/MyOn
lhanson@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Jesseka Hanzel Hanzel, Jesseka
jhanzel@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Tyra Harris Harris, Tyra
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Buddye Hayes Hayes, Buddye
Special Education Teacher
bhayes@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Dottie Hays Hays, Dottie
3rd grade teacher
dhays@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Rusty Helms Helms, Rusty
Band Director
rhelms@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Rusty Helms Helms, Rusty
rhelms@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Rusty Helms Helms, Rusty
6th Grade Band
rhelms@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Marquette Higgs Higgs, Marquette
Alternative Education
mhiggs@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
LaVander Hood Hood, LaVander
Dunbar Intermediate School
Zack Hopkins Hopkins, Zack
Mr. Hopkins
zhopkins@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
LaKinda Houston Houston, LaKinda
Teacher Trainer
lhouston@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Marlon Houston Houston, Marlon
Middle School
mhouston@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Brittany Howard Howard, Brittany
Speech-Language Pathologist
bhoward@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Mikaelah Howard Howard, Mikaelah
mhoward@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Dianna Humphrey Humphrey, Dianna
Jr. High Counselor
dhumphrey@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Dianna Humphrey Humphrey, Dianna
dhumphrey@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Beverly Jackson Jackson, Beverly
Pre-K Teacher
bjackson@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Joy Jackson Jackson, Joy
jjackson@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Laura Jackson Jackson, Laura
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Tyler Jackson Jackson, Tyler
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Angela Johnson Johnson, Angela
ajohnson@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Jesse Johnson Johnson, Jesse
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Diana Krueger Krueger, Diana
1st Grade Teacher
dkrueger@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Tiffney LaMunyon LaMunyon, Tiffney
Kindergarten Teacher
tlamunyon@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Taylor Lawson Lawson, Taylor
4th Grade Teacher
tlawson@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Vivian LeBlanc LeBlanc, Vivian
vleblanc@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Carl Lee Lee, Carl
Certified Math Mentor
clee@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Carl Lee Lee, Carl
Certified Math Mentor
clee@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Carl Lee Lee, Carl
clee@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Junior High
Sandy  Lee Lee, Sandy
salee@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Stephanie Lee Lee, Stephanie
Reading Specialist
slee@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Heather Leka Leka, Heather
hleka@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Chad Lemmons Lemmons, Chad
Spanish Teacher
clemmons@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Leah Lesley Lesley, Leah
llesley@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Robin Little Little, Robin
rlittle@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Robin Little Little, Robin
rlittle@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Jamie Manns Manns, Jamie
1st Grade Teacher
jmanns@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Kim  McElroy McElroy, Kim
kmcelroyOkmulgee Primary Schools
Andre McGee McGee, Andre
amcgee@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Jacque McGertt McGertt, Jacque
2nd Grade Teacher
jmcgertt@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Primary Schools
Stephanie Miller Miller, Stephanie
Okmulgee Primary Schools
Alecia Mitchell Mitchell, Alecia
5th Grade Social Studies
amitchell@okmulgeeps.comDunbar Intermediate School
Laura Montgomery Montgomery, Laura
ISD Teacher
lmontgomery@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Juanita Morgan Morgan, Juanita
Special Education - English
jmorgan@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee High Schools
Dawn Mowdy
Mowdy, Dawn
Director of Technology
dmowdy@okmulgeeps.comOkmulgee Public Schools
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