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Thank you Okmulgee Alumni for all of your support!

Okmulgee High - Alma Mater


Okmulgee High! Thou art highest of them all,

We your loyal subjects are list’ning for your call.

Proud are we of your emblem, of colors red and black

So we’ll write your name in the book of time, your honor we will back.


We are grateful for the mem’ries we have gather’d from the past.

For friendship, truth and goodness, that make these mem’ries last

For your helping hand and welcome, we would like to thank thee, too

For taking us and making us each a part of you.


Year to year we’ll bear the Torchlight so the flame shall light the way

For others who’ll be guided by us from day to day

And in each well-earned “O” a vow we give to thee

To live, respect, to cherish the life you’ve made us see,

Okmulgee High, Okmulgee High!

On Okmulgee! (Fight Song)

" On Okmulgee, on Okmulgee

 Plunge right thru that line

Pass the ball around Muskogee Touchdown every time

Rah! Rah! Rah!

On Okmulgee, on Okmulgee

Fight Boys, for your fame

Fight fellow, fight

And we will win this game."