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Greetings everyone,


Having been a teacher, principal and now superintendent those three words carry a great deal of meaning to me in my tenure with Okmulgee Public Schools. The opening of a new school year offers us amazing opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our students. I am looking forward to the year ahead.

I know the start of the new school year also brings a great deal of excitement to parents and students. Our principals, teachers and support staff have been working hard to make sure the excitement extends from Day One through Day 158. Our focus for the start of the year is developing academic, physical and social environments worthy of all students.

Across the district, from bus drivers to custodians, food service associates to administrative support professionals, principals to teachers, we are all committed to making sure our students are on the pathway to success. We are ready!

Creating a ‘Culture of Excellence’ in academics, athletics and atmosphere is the goal of Okmulgee Schools. The implementation of the Oklahoma Academic State Standards is at the forefront of teaching and learning. Our principals and teachers have spent time over the summer fully engaged in professional development. As we prepare all students for the challenges of college and – THEIR future careers we believe it is necessary to create a dynamic learning environment that supports creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication and technological skills. Students ultimately become actively literate contributing participating members of society when prepared for post-secondary education and careers.  In addition, we know we face financial challenges this year and will continue to be prudent with our dollars, but there is hope.  The closing of another site has allowed us to keep class sizes somewhat smaller and continue to provide art, vocal music, animation, speech, and the newly added Science; Technology; Engineering/Entrepreneurships; Agriculture; Mathematics (STEAM) class at Primary and Dunbar.

The start of a new school year gives us a renewed sense of anticipation, hope and enthusiasm as we work collaboratively to assure that each child in our district receives the best education possible. I look forward to working beside you as Together We Rise’.


Renee Dove